SFO May Rename Terminal For Former Mayor Ed Lee

Matt Bigler
January 16, 2019 - 8:01 am

Travelers from around the world may someday see the name "Edwin Lee" emblazoned somewhere at the International Terminal of San Francisco International Airport. 

The San Francisco Airport Commission is searching for a way to honor San Francisco's late mayor, who died suddenly in office in December 2017. It appears that the commission's members favor putting his name on the international terminal

"An important distinction is that what's being evaluated is not a complete renaming of the airport as a whole, but rather the dedication of a particular terminal or facility at the airport in his name," said SFO spokesman Doug Yakel.

One hurdle to clear will be installing new signage for travelers to easily find their ways around, Yakel said. 

"That's something that obviously the airport is sensitive to, because we serve a global audience and it's important that people can find their way successfully," said Yakel. "Yet at the same token, we want to be able to have some type of dedication that stands out, that draws attention, that causes people to interact with it."

Tori Kuykendall, who was visiting San Francisco from L.A. said she was OK with changing the name of the the terminal, as long as it doesn't interfere with the name of the airport. 

"I feel pretty neutral about a terminal getting a name. I don't think that that's a big deal," said Kuykendall. "But to change SFO to another name is a bigger deal and not sure that one person gets that honor." 

The airport commission could vote on a proposal sometime this spring.

The airport will also rename another terminal for Harvey Milk, who was the first openly gay man elected in San Francisco.