Santana Row in San Jose

Santana Row in San Jose (Photo credit: Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group/TNS)

"Santana Row 2" Could Bulldoze Beloved Orchard In San Jose

Matt Bigler
March 27, 2018 - 4:23 pm

(KCBS RADIO) - A proposed mega-project in North San Jose is being described as the next "Santana Row."  As KCBS Radio's Matt Bigler reports residents are excited but also concerned about the loss of one of the last fruit orchards in Silicon Valley...

In the middle of high tech North San Jose is an anachronism. A persimmon orchard at Montague Expressway and Seely Avenue, one of the last of its kind in the area.

A Persimmon Orchard at Montague Expressway and Seely Avenue in San Jose
(Photo credit: Matt Bigler/KCBS Radio)

"Everyday I go to work, I pass by this place and it's so beautiful." says Lik Tran who also works here and sometimes takes pictures of the orchard. But for how much longer?

There's a proposal to turn the property into a "Santana Row-style" village with shops, restaurants, condos, even a theater. 

When asked how he felt about the orchid going away, Tran said "We wouldn't miss it." Many residents echoed those sentiments.

But Tony Edwards said it would also be nice to have something to walk to. "I do like the idea of having some things closer. But I think at the end of the day, reality's development will win out." Edwards said.

For now, the village is just a proposal from Siliconsage Builders. Mark Ritchie, President of Ritchie Commercial Real Estate says the city is likely to approve it.

"If you look at the general quality and extent of retail and related services, we're under-served in Silicon Valley and in San Jose." Ritchie adds. "So I think it's it's the right thing to do."