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Supermarkets Inspire Possible Solution To Complaints About E-Scooters

Matt Bigler
December 07, 2018 - 1:19 pm

SAN JOSE — San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo has issued an ultimatum to e-scooter companies that they must innovate or they'll lose the ability to operate in the Bay Area's largest city. 

Due to complaints about the dockless devices cluttering sidewalks, Liccardo wants to install technology on the scooters that would force the wheels to lock up if they ridden into forbidden terrain. 

It's an idea inspired by geo-fencing technology that prevents customers from rolling shopping carts too far away from supermarkets, but it could be expensive to implement 

City officials have proposed partnering with the three scooter startups in San Jose to put geo-fencing in place via sensors on light poles. 

Some riders thought that such a system would discourage people from using the scooters. 

“The lesser restriction might make me you know jump on the scooter a bit more verses now I gotta read a set of rules and it’s gonna stop as soon as I hit this geo-fence so that might scare me a bit,” said Santiago Rios, a San Jose resident.

San Jose officials are apprehensive about safety, saying that there have been multiple injuries and at least two deaths since e-scooters first burst on the scene last year. 

The three e-scooter companies, Bird, Lime and Wind, have not responded to San Jose’s ultimatum.  

This proposal will go before the city council later this month.

Written by Arooba Kazmi.