This photo accompanied a Facebook message from Friends of San Jose Firefighters that criticized homeless people for allegedly endangering city firefighters.


San Jose Firefighters' 'Friends' Create Uproar With Anti-Homeless Post

Matt Bigler
July 20, 2018 - 9:36 am

A social media post critical of homeless encampments in San Jose has landed supporters of local firefighters in hot water. 

The recent Facebook message from the Friends of San Jose Firefighters blamed homeless people for allegedly putting firefighters at risk. 

"And herein lies a part of the problem, the homeless population whom have decide to break the law and also decided to have no regard for private or public property are creating a huge issue for our firefighters," said the post, which was accompanied by a photo showing an apparent camp behind a private property sign. 

Arson was suspected in a recent series of fires that burned San Jose homeless encampments and threatened a golf course in the city. 

San Jose Acting Fire Chief Robert Sapian distanced the department from the statement while the writer behind the original post has also apologized.