Public Pit Stop toilet in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood

Matt Bigler/KCBS

San Francisco Rolls Out Public Toilets Open 24/7

Because calls of nature come after 6 p.m

Matt Bigler
August 13, 2019 - 2:04 pm

SAN FRANCISCO —While San Francisco has 25 public Pit Stop toilets throughout the city, until this week none were open past 8 o'clock at night, with most closing by 6 p.m.

Now, the city is spending $200,000 on a six-month pilot program to keep three of the busiest Pit Stops open at all hours. The bathrooms are located in the Castro at Market and Castro streets, Tenderloin on the corner of Eddy and Jones, and SoMa at 6th and Jessie streets. All facilities will be staffed by an attendant. 

“That’s really helpful for people that are homeless,” said Debra Carr, who is especially grateful for the staff who service the pit stops. “They’re keeping the drug paraphernalia and all that other stuff out. It’s really clean.”

The project is meant to provide necessary services for homeless residents so they can use the bathroom with privacy and dignity, and help keep the streets clean of waste.

“That’d be a blessing. That'd keep the urination and other stuff off the streets,” said Myron Miller, who runs a nonprofit near the Tenderloin pit stop. But he says only time will tell if it can make a difference. “One toilet is not going to be enough for as many people as are on the street.”