UC-Berkeleys entrance.

Matt Bigler/KCBS Radio

UC Berkeley Grad Linked to Nationwide College Admissions Scandal

Matt Bigler
March 19, 2019 - 2:43 pm

BERKELEY — A recent Cal graduate and his father have been linked to the far-reaching college admission scandal amid allegations that an impostor was paid to take the SATs for the son. 

UC-Berkeley officials said that they are investigating Jordan Sidoo, who graduated last year with a degree in history and was a member of the crew team. 

According to the criminal complaint, Sidoo's father — David Sidoo, a Canadian businessman — paid a professional $100,000 to use a fake ID and take the SATs as his son, striving to obtain a phony score that would enhance his college application.

David Sidoo pleaded not guilty in federal court to committing wire and mail fraud.

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The university released a statement saying the "Integrity in our admissions process is critically important. Students who do not adhere to that value may have their admissions offer revoked, enrolled students may be dismissed and diplomas conferred may be revoked."

The national scandal centers around Rick Singer who was accused of accepting hefty fees and arranging bribes and deceit to help the children of wealthy clients, including celebrities and Bay Area businessmen, get into selective universities. Stanford fired its sailing coach for accepting payments to recommend the admission of two applicants. 

Stella Hur, a freshman from South Korea, said that Sidoo's diploma should not be revoked. 

“It is a very debatable question, I think, but in my opinion I think his diploma should not be taken away,” said Hur.

She says cheating to get into Cal is one thing. Graduating is something else.

“Maybe I’m being too nice,” she said with laughter.