Two bulls spotted on Castro Lane in Fremont on June 5, 2018

(Photo credit: Fremont Police Department)

Police Say Trespassers Are To Blame For Fremont Bullfight

Matt Bigler
June 07, 2018 - 1:04 pm

FREMONT (KCBS Radio) - You may have seen that viral video this week of a bullfight...NOT in Spain. But on city streets in Fremont.  KCBS Radio's Matt Bigler reports police think they know how the bulls got out of a foothill area next to new homes.

Fremont Police say the bulls got out because trespassers left the gate to their pen open. It was closed but not locked. The only thing keeping it together is a little bit of twisted wire.

Pat Hockin, who's lived here for over 50 years, says "they have no right to trespass" and more people have been using private property to access the Fremont hillsides for walking, biking and even camping. "This is not a camping place!" Hockin says.

Watch the viral video, here...

The bulls caused minimal damage as they locked horns on Castro Lane, only knocking over a few planters and dinging a few parked cars, before they were rounded up by the owners.

Fremont Police spokesperson Genevia Bosques said the bullfight could have been much worse. "We're really lucky that they focused on each other and not running amok through town." Bosques says. "Because that would have been a much serious situation,"

Bosques also said even though trespassers are to blame, the owners of the bulls will be fined $200, $100 for each bull. "We're already in conversation with them as to what they can do to better secure these animals." Bosques says. "So that if by chance, it gets open again, they won't get out."