A jet at San Francisco International Airport

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Legal Fight Or Flight: Palo Alto Moves Closer To Suing FAA Over Jets

Matt Bigler
May 22, 2019 - 10:47 am

From Palo Alto to Santa Cruz County, increasing jet noise has created a quality of life issue since the Federal Aviation Administration started consolidating flight paths in 2014. 

It looks like the problem that started with the FAA's NextGen program is about to get more severe. The agency is planning to roll out its Star Pirat Two route, which would direct planes flying over the Pacific Ocean to SFO to a new way point directly over Palo Alto. 

The Palo Alto City Council has unanimously voted in favor of taking legal action against the FAA, Palo Alto Online reported Tuesday. They aim to discuss the issue further in future closed door meetings. 

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It's been an ongoing issue for residents, many of whom have come to past City Council meetings to register complaints about jet noise over where they live, work and play. 

Palo Alto officials say the FAA has consistently ignored their requests for information, and won't respond to the city's concerns.  

Last year, the city joined a roundtable of officials from Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties that was designed to give residents a louder voice in fighting the airplane irritation.