Get Ready For 'Smart' Food Containers And Other Gadgets Linked To Internet

Matt Bigler
November 28, 2018 - 1:23 pm

SANTA CLARA — Some of the biggest technology trends will be on display in Santa Clara this week at a conference bringing together innovators in artificial intelligence, internet-connected devices and cyber security. 

Welcome to the Internet of Things Tech Expo where attendees can see the latest advancements in wind turbines to Hollywood cameras to containers for leftovers. 

Yes, these food containers will remind you when your leftovers are going to spoil and suggest recipes on how to put them to good use. 

"It tells you there's four days left on that casserole," said Breadware Vice President Larry Crapo. "It will remind you every day, how many days you have left."

Almost all of these products are solving problems that couldn't be solved just a few years ago, according to Taron Foxworth, the lead technical evangelist at Losant. Breakthroughs that made parts smaller and cheaper at the same time that access to cloud storage has exploded made it possible to add wireless technology to more everyday consumer products. 

"We have all of these booms happening at the same time, which really helped IoT [Internet of Things] have the same boom," he said. 

The conference at the Santa Clara Convention Centers lasts through Thursday.