Fidelity Home Energy, a solar installation company in San Leandro, allegedly discriminated against customers who appeared to have Middle Eastern or Indian names.

Matt Bigler/KCBS Radio

East Bay Solar Company Sued For Alleged Racial Discrimination

Matt Bigler
March 08, 2019 - 3:41 pm

SAN LEANDRO — An East Bay solar company is accused of refusing to do business with homeowners it believes are of Indian or Middle Eastern origin, according to a federal lawsuit. 

In the complaint, Ayesha Faiz, a former employee of San Leandro-based Fidelity Home Energy, said the company enforced a policy of avoiding customers who appeared to be of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. 

Faiz, who is of Afghan descent, left her job as a call center supervisor after three weeks. She said that she was directed to do Google searches of potential clients to see if they looked Middle Eastern and to refuse to schedule appointments with those that did. 

The suit claims that one coworker had a note on her computer that said "No Indians."

“It was her national origin that she was seeing discriminated against, and anyone would have been upset by that," Faiz's attorney Beth Mora told KCBS Radio. “When she complained and the process continued, and they continued to do it in front of her, and ask her to participate in that, that’s when one feels they are forced to leave because they don’t want to engage in not only illegal conduct, but one that just breaks your soul.”

The U.S. Equal Employment Commission is part of the lawsuit against the solar installation company. 

A Fidelity representative declined to comment to KCBS Radio, saying the company had not seen the lawsuit.