High Tech Scam Found At Several East Bay Gas Pumps

Secret Service Gets Involved

Matt Bigler
December 13, 2018 - 3:38 pm

Thieves in Hayward are using more sophisticated devices to steal customers' credit and debit card information from gas stations, according to police. 

The high-tech crooks have broken into several Alameda County pumps and installed skimming devices enabling them to wirelessly download large amount of data.

"They can keep that skimmer inside the pump for months and continually download a user's credit card, debit card information," said Hayward Police Detective Matt McMahn. "It's much more efficient. It's a much easier way for them to steal large amounts of data."

No arrests have been made, but the Secret Service has gotten involved in trying to crack the case. 

Previously, the skimmers had been installed on the outside of pumps, making them easier to spot. Customers are also advised to check the safety seal before swiping their cards. 

Despite the inconvenience, some drivers told KCBS Radio that they only pay with cash, because they wish to avoid such scams. Paying by credit card at the register inside the station is another potential way to limit risk, police said.