Migrants from Central America

Migrants from Central America (Photo credit: Nick Oza/The Arizona Republic Via Usa Today Network)

Caravan of Dreams: 'A Trip Less Dangerous Than Staying In Their Homeland'

Stories of the migrants journey and their hopes for new life in America: Part 1

Matt Bigler
May 15, 2018 - 5:00 pm

(KCBS Radio) - This isn't a trip that any travel agent would recommend. It starts in Central America where people first heard of the caravan to the U.S. on flyers and decided the danger of the month long journey through three countries and nearly a thousand miles was less dangerous than staying in their homelands.

Quena Avila from Honduras pretty much sums it up. She has problems in her home country and says she needs to be granted asylum in the United States. "Yes it's very bad. I know that if I go back to Honduras they will kill me. So I just can't."

Joel Rivera, also from Honduras says he too is afraid to go back. He left after being threatened by the notorious MS-13 gang.

My grocery store was finished after the gang told me i had to pay them a "tax" otherwise they would kill me. "Hay mucha violencia."

The violence hit even closer to home for this man's family. Arnando Rivera says if he stayed in Honduras his sons would be forced to join a gang at age 9 or 10. His daughter had a different if equally dangerous fate. "She fell in love with a gang member, and then he threatened to kill her; she didn't know what type of character he was and then she was forced to join the gang."

On part two of 'Caravan of Dreams', we will learn about stories from a transgender youth that were part of the caravan and why they are fleeing Central America. "They are persecuted and murdered in their home country especially in Central America and the Honduras."