Apr 27, 2018; Tijuana, MEXICO; Central American transgender group that traveled in a caravan through Mexico have arrived in Tijuana, on April 28, 2018. Migrants met with few American lawyers who were providing pro bono legal consultations in a room upstai

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Caravan of Dreams: 'Transgénero Escape Deadly Discrimination'

Stories of the migrants journey and their hopes for new life in America: Part 2

Matt Bigler
May 15, 2018 - 9:09 pm

(KCBS Radio) - In part two of our series 'Caravan Of Dreams', KCBS Radio reporter Matt Bigler has more on the transgender members of the group and the potentially deadly discrimination they're hoping to leave behind.

Of the nearly 1,000 migrants that joined the caravan to the U.S., several dozen described themselves as transgénero or transgender.

Caravan of Dreams - Part 1: 'A Trip Less Dangerous Than Staying In Their Homeland'

Matt asked Sarah why she didn't want to stay in her home country of the Honduras. "Do you want them to kill me? There's a lot of discrimination against transsexuals and it's a country that doesn't have an open mind."

"They are persecuted and murdered in their home country, especially in Central America and Honduras," Aid worker Wendy Batterson spent some time with the trans group and says the death threats they faced were very real. "They are stoned with rocks. They are chopped up with machetes. They have get their fingers removed and they are in fear of their lives. And they came here as a group to help each other escape and come here to seek asylum." Batterson said.

"It's a country with lots of opportunities. The United States, where they do not criticize you." Sarah said. "I want to start a life studying to be a better person and learn and graduate and get a degree."

Where does Sarah hope to live in the U.S. if granted asylum? No question, she said New York.

On the next part of our special series, it's possibly the most dangerous part of the migrants journey north. A freight train called "The Beast".