Caltrain Route SFO Connection

(Photo credit: SamTrans)

New Way To Get To SFO Using Mass Transit Is Ready To Take Off

Margie Shafer
June 21, 2018 - 12:43 pm

MILBRAE (KCBS Radio) - There will soon be a fast, affordable way to get from Caltrain to San Francisco International Airport. The Airport Flyer bus service will be free in the coming two weeks with service nearly every half hour.

To catch the Airport Flyer bus operated by SamTrans, Caltrain passengers get off at Millbrae and walk right down the platform to catch a bus to the airport.

"We intentially created a bus bridge, so that people who want to take Caltrain to SFO, can easily take it up here to Milbrae, jump on the bus and be at SFO in a few short minutes later." said Charles Stone, a San Mateo County Transit District board member. 

The route starts on Sunday, June 24 and will be free until July 7.  Service will be offered every half hour on weekdays from before 6:00am until nearly midnight. Saturdays from just after 8:00am until nearly midnight and on Sundays 10:00am until 11:30pm.

"We're showing off our Route SFO Bus and this is a new route that starts Sunday," SamTrans spokesman Matthew Wilson said. "And its going to take people direct to the San Francisco International Airport,"

The bus has a unique look, according to Wilson. "We have extra luggage racks and it will look different than any other SamTrans bus you'll see out on the road." Wilson said. "It's got it's own design. It's beautifully designed by our graphic designer. You'll see its red, white and blue and its got a silhouette of an airplane on it."

The quick trip to the airport from Millbrae's Caltrain station will cost $2.25.