1991 Oakland Firestorm

Doug Sovern

Major Stories: The Oakland Firestorm

Another Bay Area October Disaster

May 22, 2018 - 1:15 am

When the East Bay Hills burst into flames on October 20, 1991, KCBS Radio reporters, anchors, editors and producers sprang into action. It was a Sunday, and those at work in the Embarcadero Center newsroom recall looking out the 32nd floor windows at the terrifying column of smoke across the Bay.

The compilation of reports you'll hear includes work by Barry Simmons, Doug Sovern, Valerie Coleman, Jerry Wilcox, Dave Padilla, Bob Butler, Bob Melrose, Rebecca Corral, Mike Pechner, Dory Culver, Stan Bunger, Mike Sugerman, Paula Drake, Barbara Taylor, Jim Taylor and Mike Colgan.

A month later, East Bay reporter Jerry Wilcox put together "Voices From the Fire", a special report including pieces of the station's live coverage and after-the-event interviews with survivors and first responders.

Jerry Wilcox
Jerry Wilcox