A Spot of "Tea & Tears" with Lesley Nicol of 'Downtown Abbey'

and The KCBS Radio Foodie Chap Liam Mayclem

Liam Mayclem
September 20, 2019 - 4:25 pm

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) — Put the kettle on and brace yourself for the most popular British TV show since Monty Python is now on the big screen - Downtown Abbey opened in theaters today.

How is the film? With the entire TV cast reassembled for the film, the script by Julian Fellows and beautifully directed by Michael Engler the movie version does not disappoint and furthermore delights and surprises. "Downtown" diehards fans have the chance to return to the past and reconnect with the noble Crawley Family and the sturdy staff of its English countryside estate in the big-screen edition of the beloved period piece.

I had the chance to sit down for a "ca chinwag" with the head cook from the show and the lady everybody loves, "Mrs. Patmore" or in real life, from Manchester, England actress Lesley Nicol. She steals every scene in the movie as she did in the six seasons on PBS.

"Daisy you’ve burnt me darn buns," is the line that amuses me every time.

Bring your hankies for you will shed tears during this film and perhaps while watching my interview with actress Lesley Nicol. We enjoyed a spot of tea, talked about luck and opportunity and she got emotional thinking about how proud how parents would be if they could see her now.

Ladies and gentleman, folks upstairs and downstairs - enjoy my interview with the lovable, huggable Mrs. Patmore of Downton Abbey.