Mark Leno

Leno Clings To Narrow Lead

Ranked Choice Tally Continues

June 06, 2018 - 6:11 am

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) -- (UPDATED 6:15 am Thursday June 7) Former State Senator Mark Leno continues to hold onto a razor-thin lead as vote counting proceeds in a San Francsco mayoral election that may not be settled for days or even weeks.

Leno now leads Board of Supervisors President London Breed by 1,121 votes. That's an edge of 50.4% for Leno to 49.6% for Breed.

Breed had more first place votes in the initial tally, at 35.64% to Leno's 25.92%. Supervisor Jane Kim ran third at 22.84%.

But as elections officials begane tossing out last-place candidates and moving through the ranked choice process, it became clear that Leno's strategy of encouraging voters to list him as their second choice, even if voting for another candidate in the top slot. Leno picked up more than 75% of KIm's second-place voters.

The next update is expected at 4 pm Thursday, and San Francisco elwections officials plan to release a 4 pm update daily, including Saturday and Sunday.

Elections officials caution it will be days before the results are final. Mail-in ballots will be accepted in San Francisco until Friday.