JetSuiteX offers what it describes as private air travel to destinations like Burbank and Las Vegas from the East Bay.


Semi-Private Air Travel On JetSuiteX Can Be Affordable

Kim Wonderley
February 23, 2019 - 11:08 pm

The next time you need to fly to Burbank or Las Vegas, consider trying the semi-private carrier called JetSuiteX.

Here's what you need to know if you're thinking about booking a flight to Burbank, Las Vegas or a couple of other destinations on the semi-private airline JetSuiteX. 

JetSuiteX has managed to return civility to air travel.  One of its great appeals is that you don't need to show up hours early to check in and pass through long security lines. You can arrive 20 minutes before takeoff at one of their private terminals in Oakland or Concord.

Simply step up to the counter to check in, keep on your shoes and forget about TSA rules on liquids and plastic bags. The whole process is a breeze, because there are only 30 passengers on a JetSuiteX plane. You get to check two bags for free. 

From there, walk out to the tarmac and board like a rockstar. 

Once onboard the sleek Embraer 135, every seat is roomy like you business class on a typical commercial airline. The leather seats have a minimum of 36 inches of legroom. 

There are complimentary snacks and drink in the lounge and cabin. Plus, there's free wifi and an electrical outlet at every seat so you can charge your phone. 

JetSuiteX officials say they started the airline to bridge the gap between private and commercial aviation at competitive prices. One way fares can be as low as $59, but locking in those rates requires booking early. Even when prices are twice as high, travelers are getting the private jet experience at a great price. 

You'll find your luggage on the tarmac pronto when you step off the plane in Burbank. 

One drawback is the rather limited schedule, but JetSuiteX is in expansion mode in 2019. For the first time this year, they are offering service to the big Coachella Music Festival with flights from Oakland to Thermal, southeast of Palm Springs