A departure sign at an airport.

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Nervous Plane Passengers Can Seek Relief From Their Phone

Kim Wonderley
March 15, 2019 - 2:51 pm

Does turbulence make your palms sweat? Do engine noises induce panic? The simple loss of control is one of the major hurdles travelers face when it comes to boarding an aircraft.

Nervous flyers may need look no further than at the screen of their smartphone for a little airborne relief. 

These days, there are many apps that help the tensions of jittery travelers. 

SOAR was developed by a pilot. It's premise is that knowledge is power while much of the fear of flying comes from the unknown. SOAR discusses in detail everything from takeoff to turbulence to landing. The basic version is free, but users can purchase additional audio and video courses. 


Turbcast enables passengers to look up information about turbulence for individual flights. By entering departure and arrival information, travelers will be able to track their flight's turbulence forecast. Knowing what's coming up can help calm nerves. Plus, it has a panic button feature that should guide you through moments of distress. The Turbcast app sells for $1.99.

A pilot and psychologist created the SkyGuru app. It tries to ease worries by virtually putting a pilot next to you who explains everything that's happening, including turbulence specific to your flight. There's a free basic version while a fully interactive version, which will work in flight mode is available for $19.99. 

For something a little different, consider a meditation app. Meditation has long been known to decrease anxiety. Whether you respond to guided imagery or breathing exercises, try popular apps like Calm, Insight Timer or Headspace..