Santa Cruz police say that this man is wanted for setting fires at an arts center and is possibly the suspect responsible for dozens of arsons over three months.

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Possible Serial Arsonist Burns Santa Cruz Dozens Of Times

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October 10, 2018 - 9:35 pm

A suspect accused of attempting to torch a Santa Cruz city arts complex is wanted by police who say he's possibly responsible for a spate of other arsons. 

Police released surveillance footage on Wednesday of a man they say vandalized the Tannery Arts Center and started fires there that caused minor damage in August.

The alleged culprit may be tied to 24 arsons in Santa Cruz over the past 90 days, authorities said. 

“We have that video evidence, but we don’t know who that person is,” Santa Cruz Fire Division Chief Jason Hajduk said. “We want to identify who they are, where they are, and we want to have the opportunity to talk to them to see if they’re related to any of the other fires we’ve had.” 

Anyone with information about the recent fires in Santa Cruz is asked to call the Santa Cruz fire or police department. 

"We're not focused on any one individual," said Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Dan Flippo. "We're casting a wide net."

Reported by Jennifer Hodges.

Written by Holly McDede.