Gavin Newsom rides through California on a bus tour as part of his campaign for goernor.

Doug Sovern/ KCBS Radio

Gavin Newsom Projected To Be California Governor

KCBS Radio Overnight News
November 06, 2018 - 6:33 pm

Gavin Newsom defeated John Cox in the challenge to become California's next governor, according to projected results

Newsom, the current lieutenant governor and former San Francisco mayor, was expected to win easily against the Republican nominee.

"America's biggest state is making the biggest statement in America," said Newsom, speaking to supporters at a victory party in Los Angeles.

In his remarks, he made several veiled criticism of President Trump. 

"We don't criminalize diversity," said Newsom. "We celebrate diversity."

The 51-year-old Democrat will take over in Sacramento from Gov. Jerry Brown, who is forced out by term limits. 

During the campaign, Newsom called for establishing universal preschool and healthcare insurance for everyone in the state. To alleviate the acute shortage of housing, Newsom said that he wants 3.5 million home built and would eliminate some regulations that inhibit developers from creating homes for middle-income people.  

In a recent interview with KCBS Radio on his campaign bus, he said that he wasn't taking anything for granted before Election Day. 

"You sleep with one eye open this late in the campaign," said Newsom. 

Cox, a real-estate developer from San Diego, was seen as a backer of President Trump, a position that was unpopular with a largely liberal electorate.