California Highway Patrol

Yosemite Tourists Rescued In Stunning Video From Helicopter

KCBS Radio Morning News
January 22, 2019 - 9:20 am

Two British hikers who became stranded on a snow-covered cliff of Yosemite National Park were lifted to safety by a California Highway Patrol helicopter crew last week in a recently released video

The hikers, both men in their mid-20s, had lost their way from a trail near North Dome and spent the night trapped in a crevasse on January 15, according to the CHP. They had been attempting to descend into Yosemite Valley, but were unable "due to a 2,000 ft. vertical drop," the CHP said, but they also couldn't go back the way they had come "because of the steep, snow covered ground."

Instead, they called 911 from a cellphone, the CHP said in a statement on Facebook that accompanied the footage of the rescue. Park rangers were unable to reach the men that night.

On the morning of January 16, the CHP helicopter crew located the hikers. They returned by air with two Yosemite rescue team members who landed near the crevasse, ahead of a winter snowstorm. They hooked the hikers onto harnesses and transported them to Ahwahnee Meadow where paramedics were ready to "treat the two cold and wet visitors," the CHP said. 

Yosemite is still open during the partial shutdown of the federal government, but fewer staff are on duty and some sections of the park are closed.