The Salesforce Transit Center was evacuated on Tuesday after officials discovered a cracked beam in the new building.

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EXCLUSIVE: Structural Engineers OK Transit Center Repair Plan

Still No Word on "When"

KCBS Radio Morning News
January 04, 2019 - 6:19 am

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) -- KCBS Radio has learned the operators of San Francisco’s beleaguered Salesforce Transbay Transit Center are one major step closer to repairing flawed steel beams at the facility, which has been closed to the public for over three months. 

A a team of  structural engineers has signed off on a repair plan, although no date for the center's re-opening has been announced.

Transbay Joint Powers Authority spokeswoman Christine Falvey told KCBS Radio, "the repair is going to consist of some steel plates above and below the problem areas."

"It's going to look like a splint, perhaps, to put it in layman's terms," said Falvey.

Steel is now being ordered to effect the repair, said Falvey. She was unable to provide a timetable for the work.

Once the repairs have been made, the shoring systems installed on First Street and Fremont Street after the discovery of the cracked beams will be removed.

An actual re-opening of the terminal to transit riders will not occur until the independent peer review panel formed in the wake of the cracked beams completes a review of other areas in the huge structure that may need to be inspected.

Falvey said that panel is now reviewing "thousands of documents".