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Stanford Prof at Center of US-Russia Controversy

Diplomats Furious About White House Stance

KCBS Radio Morning News
July 19, 2018 - 7:10 am

(KCBS Radio) -- A Stanford University professor finds himself in the middle of one of the controversies swirling after President Trump's summit meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Michael McFaul
Photo credit: Stanford University

Michael McFaul is now a Stanford political science professor, but he once served as U.S. ambassador to Russia.  

The White House has confirmed that McFaul is among a number of American citizens the Putin regime wants to question for what the Russians say is criminal activity.

The Russian prosecutor-general specifically named McFaul on Wednesday as someone being sought for an interview.

A number of diplomats and members of Congress are outraged--saying the White House should be emphatically telling Russia that McFaul and other diplomats are off-limits.

KCBS Poliitcal Analyst Marc Sandalow called the notion that American diplomats would be drawn into a Russian criminal case "an insane, lunatic idea," and went on to say, "it shows a naivete about foreign policy."

"If there is a masterful genius behind all this," Sandalow told KCBS Radio morning anchors Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor, "it certainly has not shown itself."

James Miller, managing editor of the Russia-watching publication The Interpreter, told KCBS Radio, "Any idea that any American would be sent to Russia for questioning is deeply disturbing."

McFaul has tweeted that Russia is trying to intimidate him and divide the nation. And he told the Wall Street Journal that he's "deeply disappointed" that the White House isn't forcefully disputing what he calls a "crazy invented tale" about American diplomats breaking Russian law