Matt Bigler

Federal Election Monitors Scrutinize San Mateo County

Part of Nationwide Voting Rights Effort

KCBS Radio Morning News
November 06, 2018 - 6:50 am

REDWOOD CITY (KCBS Radio) -- San Mateo County is one of 35 counties nationwide being monitored by federal elections officials.

US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division inspectors have monitored elections in selected areas since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Department of Justice announced on Monday that San Mateo and Sacramento Counties would be among the 35 counties in 19 states singled out for attention by field inspectors.

No specific reason was given for San Mateo County's inclusion on the list. County elections officials said the federal inspectors were focusing on voting materials being sent out in languages other than English.

Jim Irazarry, the Assistant Chief of Elections for San Mateo County, tells KPIX 5 "They called us to look at our materials that are going out in languages for both Spanish and Chinese."  

San Mateo County is conducting the Tuesday election under a new system in which all voting is done by mail or at a limited number of centralized balloting locations. It's a model that will be rolling out statewide in future years under the  California Voters’ Choice Act.