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SF Reportedly Backs Down From Threat To Restrict Access To Millennium Tower

Deadlines Loosened For Action on Cracked Window Issue

KCBS Radio Morning News
September 13, 2018 - 6:59 am

UPDATE: City buildings inspectors backed down on Thursday from the tight deadline that they gave to Millennium Tower management to implement safety measures after a window cracked in the high rise, according to

The original report is below:

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) -- The city of San Francisco is threatening to "yellow tag'" the Millennium Tower if its managers fails to address safety issues.

This is the sinking, leaning building at 301 Mission Street where the latest problem involves a mysterious crack in a window on the 36th floor.

The Department of Building Inspection on Wednesday sent a strongly-worded letter to the building's manager and attorneys for its homeowners association, ordering the installation of an "overhead protection system" around the building's perimeter. That's to prevent falling debris from hitting the sidewalk. That's to be installed by 3 PM Thursday.

A small section of scaffolding was installed several days ago after the window crack was first reported.

Millennium Tower Scaffold
Stan Bunger/KCBS Radio

City officials also ordered a  broken window washing crane be repaired by Friday afternoon so that building inspectors can look at windows from the outside.

The letter also includes a requirement that a check of all the building's windows to be completed by Friday afternoon.

Failure to comply with the deadlines could lead the city to "yellow tag" the building, which could mean restricted access.

Lawyers for building management say they plan to comply with the demands.