Rail Blazer Roller Coaster Blazing New Paths at Great America

KCBS Radio Morning News
June 14, 2018 - 9:42 am

Great America Debuts The First One-Rail Roller Coaster On The West Coast 

SANTA CLARA (KCBS Radio) -  California's Great America is debuting its newest roller coaster today - and it's like no other coaster you'll find on the West Coast.

This is a single-rail coaster running on a 15 inch track, which, according to Great America General Manager Raul Rehnborg, means it's capable of much more than traditional coasters. 

The experience includes twists and turns, a ninety-degree drop, three inversions and zero gravity rolls for what Rehnborg calls an exhilirating, intense, relentless ride.

KCBS Reporter Matt Bigler was one of the first to ride "RailBlazer." He says his ride this morning was the most intense one minute of his life he's had since he went on an F-16. 

But he cautions - "RailBlazer" is not for the faint of heart - or stomach.