Marc Sandalow with Washington Nationals "Racing President" bobblehead

Marc Sandalow/KCBS Radio

Politics, "Fake News" and Much More

KCBS Radio Political Analyst Marc Sandalow Weighs In

KCBS Radio Morning News
August 10, 2018 - 8:01 am

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) -- President Trump's relentless campaign against "fake news" and his criticism of individual news organizations and reporters is "going to get somebody hurt."

That's the belief of KCBS Radio Political Analyst Marc Sandalow, a longtime observer of American politics and journalism.

"I don't take him seriously in that people who've covered him in the past say he loves news media attention," Sandalow told KCBS Radio morning anchors Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor in an episode of their 10 Questions With Stan  and Susan podcast.

"But," Sandalow continued, "beating up on the media with such intense, visceral's going to get somebody hurt."

The conversation with Sandalow covered a wide range of topics, ranging from the current American political climate to the role of social media in politics and society.

Sandalow, who for many years has served as KCBS Radio Political Analyst, spent 21 years with the San Francisco Chronicle and is now Associate Academic Director of the University of California Washington Program.