A fire at a luxury condo project in West Oakland was spread by embers to nearby buildings.

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Another Under-Construction Condo Complex Goes Up in Flames in Oakland

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October 23, 2018 - 4:41 am

A huge fire in West Oakland burned a luxury townhouse project early Tuesday morning while flaming embers that landed on nearby buildings started smaller fires, authorities said. 

The fire ignited after 2 a.m. in the Ice House 2 construction site near West Grand Avenue and Filbert Street, according to the Oakland Fire Department. 

The site includes six buildings, each three stories tall. The developer has been billing the project as "solar all-electric homes."

The fire is the latest in a series that have heavily damaged multi-family construction projects in the East Bay in recent years. At least four of those fires were determined to be intentionally set.

A huge fire early this morning burned the Ice House luxury condo project in West Oakland and started smaller fires as flaming embers landed on nearby buildings.

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A spokesman for the Ice House project told KCBS Radio reporter Holly Quan that the construction site was equipped with numerous security cameras, and that video and images from those cameras would be made available to investigators.

The towering flames were fed by wood on the construction site, what one Oakland fire official said was "basically a big pile of kindling".

At least two fires in the neighboring area were caused by embers spawned by the Ice House complex flames.

The units affected were scheduled to be ready for occupancy by December. Developers said all of the units had already been sold at prices of $675,000 and above.

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Oakland Fire Department officials delivered this briefing to reporters at 4:15 am:

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