Blue-green algae

Dreamstime/Andy Chisholm

Ewww! Blue-Green Algae Health Warning

KCBS Radio Morning News
July 20, 2018 - 7:46 am

DISCOVERY BAY (KCBS Radio) -- Contra Costa County health officials are warning people to stay out of the water in parts of Discovery Bay.

This comes after East Bay Regional Park District officials found more blue-green algae at a kayak launch and fishing pier in Oakley where shoreline warning signs had already been posted. The algae produces a liver toxin which can cause a rash, stomach cramps, vomiting and fever. Exposure to high levels can even be deadly.

Contra Costa  County Environmental Health Specialist Joe Dozer said, "We did twelve samples out there and did detect the toxin in all samples." He went on to say that 75% of the positive samples showed toxin readings above the "caution level", the point at which they issue public warnings.

Dozer says what's needed is cooler weather, which would cause the algae to die off, but that's not expected soon, In fact, forecasters are predicting an extended period of especially hot inland weather for most of next week.