BART Tests Double-Stacked Fare Gates


Riders Complain About Safety Of BART's New Fare Gates

KCBS Radio Morning News
July 11, 2019 - 1:14 pm

RICHMOND — BART’s latest attempt to crack down on fare evaders has some law-abiding riders worried about their own safety.

BART is testing a new fare gate at the Richmond station, with one set of gates stacked on top of the other. The taller gates are supposed to stop people from simply jumping over them.

But riders told KPIX-5 that fare jumpers are still getting through, and the new gates are intimidating.  

“There’s a sense of urgency there now that wasn’t there before. Whereas now if you’re too slow, it’s going to hit you in the face,” said Nate Dunn.

Rider Patrick Moody said he is uncomfortable passing through. “It kind of hits me in the shoulders all the time. Cause I got wide shoulders. Two days ago, it hit me in the shoulder and I still have a ding.”

The transit agency estimates that fare evaders cost them about $25 million a year. The agency is testing out several gate modifications and hopes to find an effective solution.

“They’ve gotten creative, people will crawl under, they will crawl through the middle,” BART spokesperson Anna Duckworth tells KPIX-5. “But what we are really trying do is send a message to the riders that it’s not acceptable to cheat your way into the system.”