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Arrests Made After Dismembered Body Found In San Francisco Home

KCBS Radio Morning News
May 24, 2019 - 11:41 am

San Francisco police have arrested suspects in connection with a dismembered body that was discovered this week in a San Francisco home.

The SFPD have not released the names of the suspects.

The gruesome discovery was made on Monday after police received a report that 73-year-old Benedict Ching was missing. The San Francisco Chronicle reports officers went to his home on Del Monte Street in the Outer Mission and found a head and body parts in the freezer.

Ching’s daughter Stephanie, her partner Doug Lomas and two children had recently moved into the home and loud arguments could be heard in recent weeks, according to a neighbor who spoke to KPIX-5.

Police suspect Ms. Ching and Lomas in the case, which has terrified the neighborhood.

“Definitely I am happy that the arrests have been made, and for sure [feel> a lot safer in our neighborhood, it’s back to normal now,” one neighbor told KPIX-5. "Although for sure very saddened for Mr. Benedict since he was such a nice neighbor.”

While neighbors have assumed the body belongs to Mr. Ching, the San Francisco medical examiner’s office has not confirmed the victim’s identity or released a cause of death.