Dollar van in Brooklyn

Mike Sugerman/WCBS Radio

Alternative Transportation, NY Style

The Big Apple's "Dollar Vans"

KCBS Radio Morning News
June 09, 2018 - 2:15 pm

BROOKLYN, NY (KCBS Radio) -- While San Francisco studies plans to deploy app-based electric scooters and numerous Bay Area cities debate the relative merits of docked versus rental bicycles, thousands of New Yorkers make daily use of a free-flowing system of alternative transportation: the dollar vans.

Longtime KCBS Radio reporter Mike Sugerman now lives in Brooklyn, one of the New York boroughs where the vans are ubiquitous. Some of them are legally registered and operate under government regulations. Many more are not. While known as "dollar vans", Mike learned the going rate for most of them these days is actually twice that: $2.

The vans fill a niche in many neighborhoods where money is tight and standard transportation options can be expensive or a hassle. Many dollar vans operate regular routes, often terminating at subway stations.