Tom Steyer, a billionaire funding efforts to impeach President Trump, says that Democrats are mistaken to downplay such calls.

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Suspicious Packages In California Were Addressed To Kamala Harris And Tom Steyer

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October 26, 2018 - 11:46 am

Two suspicious packages were intercepted at California mail facilities, as authorities arrested a suspect in Florida on Friday for the series of mail bombs that have been discovered this week. 

One package stopped in Burlingame was addressed to Tom Steyer, a billionaire who has called for impeaching President Trump, according to a statement from Steyer.

Another was detected in Sacramento and addressed to Senator Kamala Harris. 

The packages allegedly appeared similar to letter bombs that have been sent to prominent liberals this week, sources said. 

"We are seeing a systematic attack on our democracy and our rule of law that extends much further than just one isolated terrorist in Florida," said Steyer, adding that he was thankful that his employees are safe. "Whether it's voter suppression, voter intimidation, attacks on our free press, gerrymandering, or attempted violence -- the trust and norms that are the actual basis for our civil society and political system are being eroded."

Harris' office did not immediately release a statement. 

The suspect was identified as Cesar Altieri Sayoc, a 56-year-old with a criminal history who lives in Broward County, Florida, CBS News reported. A fingerprint and DNA evidence led them to him, authorities said at a press conference on Friday.

He was charged with five federal crimes. 

Former President Barack Obama, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and actor Robert De Niro were among the other intended recipients of 13 alleged mail bombs, authorities said.