Audubon Canyon Ranch

Napa Family Criticized For Killing Mountain Lion

KCBS Radio Midday News
February 12, 2019 - 11:36 am

A Napa family that killed an allegedly predatory mountain lion has withstood a social media attack from critics who said the animal did not deserve to die for picking off unattended livestock. 

The 13-month-old male mountain lion was fatally shot on Friday, just days after researchers from the Audubon Canyon Ranch had collared the big cat and added it to its "Living with Lions" program. The mountai lion was identified as P15, but known as Jupiter to researchers. 

A resident who owns livestock told the Press-Democrat that the cougar was killed after it had slain two sheep and was going for a third. 

The family has reported getting threats on social media and found gawkers parked near their home who , in some cases, have taunted them. 

The cougar was killed after the resident got the necessary hunting permit, according to the Audubon Canyon Ranch, but the group still disapproved of killing the creature. 

"It is 100% our responsibility to take care of our pets and livestock before conflict occurs," the Audubon Canyon Ranch said in a Facebook post. "Killing the wild predator is not an effective or reasonable long-term strategy for properly managing pets or livestock."