Salesforce Transit Center Rooftop Garden

New Park Opening On A Downtown San Francisco Rooftop

KCBS Radio Afternoon News
August 02, 2018 - 2:05 pm

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KCBS Radio) - A long-awaited park atop the Salesforce Transit Center will open to the public this month after years of planning and construction along with the entire $2.2 billion dollar transit project.

The 5.4 acre park, which sits on the transit center's roof, is in the middle of downtown San Francisco with office buildings rising up around it in every direction and traffic rolling underneath.


A worker puts finishing touches on the Salesforce Transit Center Rooftop Garden
It's, "amazing how quiet it is up here. We have roads going right underneath, you don't hear anything," said landscape architect Adam Greenspan. "Here, we're in the middle of palm tree fronds - you can hear that rustle, you can hear birds in the trees, even though construction is still going on or just about finished".

The park features 600 trees, 16,000 plants and a half-mile-long walking path. The new transportation hub beneath the park will be a terminal for buses to the East Bay. 

Pam Hudson, who lives nearby, said she's grateful for the break from the busy city streets. "Finding a space in the city that's just peaceful that you can come to and not [be] harassed, it's just hard to find".

San Francisco resident Ronald Coats says, "This is awesome. I mean an outside area downtown, how can you beat it?"

A ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 10 will be followed by a block park on Saturday, August 11 from noon to 4 pm. Busses begin running the following day. 

Reported by: Holly Quan

Written by: Jessica Yi