The Salesforce Transit Center was evacuated on Tuesday after officials discovered a cracked beam in the new building.

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Salesforce Transit Center Closed Due To Cracked Beam

KCBS Radio Afternoon News
September 25, 2018 - 5:29 pm

SAN FRANCISCO — A crack in a steel beam forced the emergency closure of the brand new Salesforce Transit Center in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday.

The crack was discovered in a support beam in the ceiling of the third-level bus deck while workers installed panels on Tuesday morning, Transbay Joint Powers Authority Executive Director Mark Zabaneh said at a press conference. Officials expect that the $2.2 billion terminal, which had opened to great fanfare last month, will remain shut at least until noon on Wednesday.

“The safety of everyone who visits the Salesforce Transit Center is our obligation and highest priority," Zabaneh said in a statement. “While this appears to be a localized issue and we have no information that suggests it is widespread, it is our duty to confirm this before we allow public access to the facility.”

Officials promised a thorough safety review of other beams. 

The closure of several nearby blocks of Fremont and First streets snarled rush hour traffic as commuters attempted to reach the Bay Bridge.

City Muni bus service and AC Transit buses bound for the East Bay shifted their pickup spots from to the former temporary Transbay Terminal a few blocks away on Howard and Main streets.