Pride flags were recently stolen from a San Jose crosswalk where pedestrians held them up as they crossed the street.

Jennifer Hodges/KCBS Radio

Thief Replaces Pride Flags With Christian Banners In San Jose

Jennifer Hodges
June 18, 2019 - 12:55 pm

SAN JOSE — Rainbow-colored LGBTQ pride flags were recently stolen and replaced with Christian pennants at a crosswalk in the Watkins Glen neighborhood where they'd been held up by pedestrians as they cross a busy street. 

Canisters on each side of Lincoln Avenue have long held orange flags for pedestrians to use to get oncoming drivers to slow down. 

The iconic LGBTQ pride flags had recently been added to the stock, Bt the next day, however, they were missing while Christian flags were in their place. 

"It's worse than disappointing, I'm concerned," said Gabrielle Antolovich who works with San Jose’s Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center. "When, in a small town that is welcoming, that this anti-LGBTQ sentiment is bubbling up, that means it’s bubbling up all over the place."

One Willow Glen resident told KCBS Radio she thought 'it's just wrong" to make a switch like this while another said she though the culprit was "probably frustrated maybe that one particular group was favored."