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Mountain View Police

Woman Allegedly Robbed Men After Making Fake Domestic Abuse Claims

Jennifer Hodges
November 08, 2018 - 11:17 am

MOUTAIN VIEW — Mountain View Police have again arrested Sunmee Kim for allegedly robbing men after fabricating claims that she's been the victim of domestic assault

Detectives say that the 44-year-old Kim's modus operandi involves connecting with unsuspecting victims on Korean dating sites, developing relationships with them before eventually calling police with phony claims that she'd been assaulted. Kim then stole valuable after police removed the falsely accused abuser from the home, police said. 

"She would make it appear as if she'd been injured over the course of a fight," said Mountain View Police Department Public Information Officer Katie Nelson. 

Kim took her false role as a domestic violence victim to the hilt, according to police. 

"In addition to getting these men arrested, she would also receive victim services, which she was very clearly was not entitled to, because she was not a victim," Nelson said. 

Mountain View police arrested her on Tuesday in a Burlingame hotel and allegedly found several credit cards belonging to men that had been wrongly accused by her. 

Police from Mountain View first arrested Kim in June after she duped police into arresting her housemate who she said was her fiancé. 

The man was eventually released, but in his absence from the home, Kim made off with his valuables, police claimed. 

Kim was busted but dropped off the radar by failing to show up for court. 

During an investigation, police came to believe that she had victimized men throughout the state, was wanted by authorities in Orange and Los Angeles counties and had served time. 

Police investigating the case after Kim's disappearance learned that she had allegedly victimized numerous men in this manner throughout the state, was wanted in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, and had, in fact, served time in Southern California.

"She's so prolific in terms of her aliases, and she's so good in figuring out who her victims are, and really bringing them in and entrapping them," Nelson said. "We are fearful that there could be more victims out there that either haven't come forward or that didn't know that she was someone who would do this to them."

Written by Diana Shook.