Craft Fair

Craft Fair (Photo credit: Jenna Lane/KCBS Radio)

'SFMade Week' Celebrates Small Manufacturing In The City

Jenna Lane
May 09, 2018 - 2:14 pm

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) - Small manufacturers are surviving in San Francisco and inviting customers into their workshops this week to prove it. KCBS Radio's Jenna Lane reports on a series of open studios pop-up craft fairs and factory tours celebrating all things "SFMade."

Bart McHale makes cutting boards out of the hardwoods other people might toss out or burn. Pursuing his craft in a city as expensive as San Francisco means sharing a wood shop.

"It's incredibly hard. Rents, wages, were in our co-op shop. There's eight of us that share everything, every month, eight ways." McHale says.

Pierre Coeurdeuil is with a non-profit that supports small makers. SFMade reported 12% percent job growth in manufacturing last year.

"Yes, it's a difficult market but it's also a very attractive one for those manufacturers," Coeurdeuil says. "Because you have to be close to your clients, you have to show them your craft, you have to open your factory doors to what you're doing and how you're making stuff."

And that's what's happening this SFMade week. Tours of breweries, coffee roasteries, various art studios and a chocolate factory.