Teacher sitting with high school students using tablets

San Francisco School May Open a Gym Overnight To Shelter Students

Jenna Lane
April 12, 2018 - 5:36 pm

(KCBS RADIO) - A San Francisco school has so many homeless families that it’s considering opening one of its gyms as an overnight shelter for them. KCBS Radio's Jenna Lane reports on the idea that could become reality as soon as this fall -- if the city funds it and parents approve.

Touring possible kindergartens for her daughter, Supervisor Hillary Ronen was approached by one of Buena Vista Horace Mann's principal. 
"Why not?" He said, "use one of the gyms as a shelter for about 60 families." 10% percent of the school who don't have stable housing. 
Ronan spent months figuring out if it would be legal. "It is possible. Now the next step of this process is going to the Mayor and asking him to fund it." Ronen said. "He has expressed openess and understanding for the idea, but hasn't committed yet. So that's that's one aspect. Then the second aspect is going to school community,"

Staff literally applauded the idea. "Our homeless students are not getting better. Even with academic intervention services and even with counseling. And so what that points to and the reason that we came up with this idea is that we need to do more to meet their needs." Vice Principal Claudia DeLarios Moran said. "Our job as a school is to move all of the barriers to learning that present for any child."

Parents so far has had questions about upkeep of the facility and security all things that would need to be worked out if this idea goes any further.