Attorney Thomas Burke, right, answers questions about his client Bryan Carmody, a freelance journalist whose home and office were raided by San Francisco police.

Jenna Lane/KCBS Radio

San Francisco Police Will Return Property Seized From Journalist

Jenna Lane
May 21, 2019 - 11:28 am

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco police officials will return the files, electronics and other materials that cops seized from a freelance journalist in a controversial raid on his home, an attorney for the department said on Tuesday. 

Superior Court Judge Samuel Feng also scheduled a June 10 hearing to examine whether police and federal agents should have ever burst through Bryan Carmody's front door as part of an investigation into how he obtained a sealed police report about the death of the city's previous public defender. 


Carmody has refused to divulge his source and has argued that the state's Shield Law protects journalists like him from being forced to identify the source. 

Carmody sold stories to local television stations that included the leaked San Francisco police report from the scene of Jeff Adachi's death. 

An attorney for the police department said Tuesday that Carmody could pick up his notes and equipment immediately. She declined to answer questions outside of court.

Carmody‘s attorney Thomas Burke said it is unclear how much of what San Francisco police seized has been searched and how much might have been copied.