The Salesforce Transit Center was evacuated on Tuesday after officials discovered a cracked beam in the new building.

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If You Hadn't Noticed, The Salesforce Transit Center Is Still Closed

Jenna Lane
November 09, 2018 - 3:29 pm

The agency overseeing the new Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco still has no reopening date for the facility that has been shut down since late September. 

Inspectors are still reviewing the $2.2 billion transit center that abruptly closed six weeks after its grand opening due to the discovery of cracked steel beams

With 14,000 bus riders using a temporary transit hub, AC Transit's Executive Director Michael Hursh said that exercising caution is the right move. 

"A bus operator is going to have to explain to those 14,000 people why it's safe to come back," said Hursh. "The goal of this study is for us to be able to in plain language explain to the customers and our employees why it's safe and why we're comfortable going back into the facilities."

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority and outside agencies are conducting inspections and lab testing that will determine the root cause of the problem

Only then, when a solution is found will officials venture to estimate how long it will take reopen the downtown bus depot.