Pre-Fabricated Home in Palo Alto

Pre-Fabricated Home in Palo Alto (Photo credit: Jenna Lane)

Pre-Fabricated Home To Be Assembled In One Day In Palo Alto

Jenna Lane
May 01, 2018 - 2:35 pm

PALO ALTO (KCBS RADIO) - The assembly of a pre-fabricated home, scheduled to take just eight hours, drew a curious crowd to a quiet Palo Alto street. KCBS Radio’s Jenna Lane reports on the spectacle as a crane lifted and placed the modules of a 2,400-square-foot house.

Curious onlookers from toddlers who love construction cranes to realtors, general contractors and neighbors have come to Waverly Street to see the home being put together. Alan Halberg is one of them, a Palo Alto resident who is considering doing this same thing.

"When you're building a house, people always go 30% percent over budget." Halberg says. "It's not something you would do if you think 'Oh, I might get a house for 20% percent less'. You do because you actually know what you're getting."

The property owner here agrees. Milind Gokhale says he and his wife have been able to control their costs and compress their timeline. Because work here, on the foundation, was happening at the same time as their home was being built in a Southern California factory. But "you have to make all those decisions up front," Gokhale said. "Sort of take a plunge and design the interior. Before the factory can actually start. It needs to know a bunch of things. There's a big design phase that you have to commit to."

They are hoping to see the stucco and other finish work done in time for their planned move in date in June.