Natalie Cleaver intends to walk on every street in San Francisco, a journey chronicled with on social media with #EveryStreetSF.

Jenna Lane/KCBS Radio

Moving Target: Woman Aims To Walk Every San Francisco Street

Jenna Lane
May 28, 2019 - 2:10 pm

Natalie Cleaver has embarked on an extraordinary mission: to walk every single street in San Francisco and she's chronicling the ambling adventure on social media with the hashtag, #everystreetSF.

But Cleaver does not take herself too seriously. Every square of sidewalk that she's covered has been in flip-flops. She just likes walking, and cities, and taking pictures to share with her Instagram followers. She does not count her steps or the miles that she walks. 

"No, no. I can't be bothered," she said. "I spend too much time in my job tracking things. I just keep track of where I've been, that's it."

She has a paper map that she updates every night with a black marker. She's done most of the big streets, but San Francisco has a lot of little alleys.

"Hey," she greets a couple of people at a dead-end in North Beach. "Not many people come down your alley?" They shake their heads. "I've just been walking all the streets, so I came down to see what's at the end."

She gets some suspicious looks, but she's met a lot of interesting people, like a classic car collector, and stumbled upon native plant gardens and a columbarium. She started this adventure in January 2018 and figures she's halfway done. 

"I thought I could finish this year, but the weather's been so bad and I've been busy," said Cleaver. "One has to work. It's the worst."