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Get A First Look At The Expanded Moscone Center

Jenna Lane
January 02, 2019 - 12:15 am

San Francisco will get its first look at the Moscone Center's expansion on January 3 as officials show off the convention center, which nearly doubled in size.  

What looks like a vertical expansion of the building at Third and Howard streets has been horizontal, too.

The extensive excavation of Howard Street — something that downtown commuters won't soon forget — means that now, someone on the lower level of Moscone South can see clear from Mission Street to Folsom Street, two city blocks underground. 

"We are making our contiguous exhibition space go from 260,000 square feet to 504,000 square feet," said Lynn Farzaroli with SF Travel, a manager of this expansion project.

Farzaroli spoke to KCBS Radio ahead of the official ribbon-cutting for the $551-million facility that's scheduled for Thursday. 

Get a look at the expanded Moscone Center, which nearly doubled in size and caused havoc on downtown drivers. The ribbon-cutting for the convention center is Thursday, but KCBS Radio was invited for an early peek. (Photos 1 was taken by Cesar Rubio.)

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Conventions account for 20 percent of San Francisco's 25 million visitors a year, which is why the hotel industry agreed to raise two-thirds of the money for this project by charging hotel guests a small fee per room.

In the new look space, one ballroom takes up 50,000 square feet without a single column to break up the space. Farzaroli explains that in the convention business, the more flexible, the better. 

"We went on a road trip with our design team and our builder, and what we heard was that nobody wanted the same thing," said Farzaroli.