The Salesforce Transit Center abruptly closed when workers found cracks in two steel support beams.

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Investigators Reviewing American-Made Steel That Cracked In Salesforce Transit Center

Jenna Lane
September 27, 2018 - 10:37 am

SAN FRANCISCO — Authorities have many questions to answers about what went wrong with the American-made steel that cracked in two beams, forcing the closure of the Salesforce Transit Center earlier this week. 

The support beams in question on the bus deck of the newly opened transit hub came from the Herrick Corporation of Stockton, Calif. but officials haven't narrowed down the source of the problem. The cracks could be attributed to the manufacture, design or installation, officials said.

The beams were installed and last inspected more than two years ago before workers handling panels spotted a crack on Tuesday. 

Supervisor Jane Kim said there haven't been any signs of mismanagement during construction of the $2.2 billion transportation center.

"We haven't seen anything that would alert us to any concerns," said Kim, a board member of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority that oversaw the project. 

"It appeared that the staff at TJPA was crossing every T and dotting every I," said Kim. "I have not had cause to believe over the last couple of years that there were missteps."

The discovery of a second damaged beam led authorities to announce the building will remain closed through the end of next week, as well as an important stretch of Fremont Street outside of the building.

At least five other manufacturers supplied steel for construction, authorities said.