Shelter Kitty Butte Co Fire

KCBS Radio/Jeffrey Schaub

Displaced Pets Find Shelter In The Butte County Fire Zone

Jeffrey Schaub
November 14, 2018 - 11:14 am

OROVILLE, Calif. — Many of the veterinarians and volunteers who are caring for pets displaced by the fire that has ravaged the town of Paradise and other communities across Butte County have something in common with their furry and feathered charges. 

They, too, are homeless in the wake of the Camp Fire. 

But that hasn't stopped them from dedicating their time to the thousands of dogs, cats, horses, chickens and other birds that have found their way to these places as the fire continues to burn. 

"A lot of our core group of people that are in Paradise have lost their homes. As many as can are still here working," said a volunteer at an emergency pet shelter in Oroville. 

They're grateful to have every hand that can be on deck, given how crowded the shelter's cages and dog runs have become. There are 553 dogs, cats, geese and chickens in this one particular shelter. 

Some of the animals that have come in were injured in the fire. One dog arrived with a burned nose. Many cats and dogs burned their paws running through the flames. 

Many of the animals in the shelter became separated from owners who were forced to flee. But others have been brought in by people who simply can't care for them at this time.

KPIX-5 reported that the lobby at the Chico Airport has been turned into an emergency pet shelter for other animals that survived the fire.

Anyone who is missing a pet can come to the airport to search for their companion.

People from across California have sent in food, blankets and all kinds of supplies to help care for these pets. 

Written by Diana Shook.