A group of 14 homeless veterans have moved into 250-square foot "tiny homes" in Santa Rosa in July 2019.

Jeffrey Schaub/KCBS Radio

Veterans Move From Streets Into Tiny Homes

Jeffrey Schaub
July 22, 2019 - 9:58 pm

SANTA ROSA — In Santa Rosa, 14 formerly homeless veterans now have homes to call their own that were constructed by vets. 

Rob Holley, who served in the Gulf War while in the Navy, has been fighting another battle for three years. 

"Literally living in a homeless camp down by the Russian River," Holley said. "Just no hope."

Holley is among the 14 veterans who are living in so-called "tiny homes." The 250-square-foot structures were provided fully furnished. 

"This is an opportunity to build some self esteem, some pride," said Holley. 

The homes sit on county land. The residents pay rent on a sliding scale. 

It was the brainchild of Sonoma County Supervisor Shirley Zane, who brought them into reality with help from housing and veterans organizations. 

"The whole vision has been, how can we build cost effective small homes for veterans," said Zane.