American actor Burt Reynolds, circa 1975 (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

American actor Burt Reynolds, circa 1975 (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Jan Wahl Remembers The Late Burt Reynolds

Plus a review of the local documentary 'Pick of The Litter'

Jan Wahl
September 07, 2018 - 8:55 am

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS Radio) - Burt Reynolds. He was an actor and director. He died yesterday. He could do every genre of film. He could do romantic comedy, like 'Starting Over,' hip and hop like 'Boogie Nights' and unforgettable drama like 'Deliverance.' So many, but I want to just tell people if you get a chance and you could do it, my third favorite comedy ever made is a movie that he wrote, directed and starred in called 'The End' with Dom DeLuise and Sally Field. Try to look for that.


There's just no way not to love the documentary 'Pick of The Litter'. It's kind of the 'Hoop Dreams' for dogs. We meet some darling Lab puppies who are born into the program 'Dog Guides for The Blind' in San Rafael. They're very well trained because they lead their owners to safety, eventually. Away from danger and crisis.

Now I've been to graduation ceremonies for this wonderful organization and I was worried about crying through this whole movie. Well, I didn't cry. I just loved it. Everybody in the whole audience kept going "Awwww!" and you just get a feeling that people were getting out of their problems that we all have in the real world and finding that 'Pick of The Litter' is my pick for some relief. So that is a movie I would definitely go to and you can take any age to it.

We thank the Bay Area' Dana Nachman and Don Hardy for putting this wonderful movie together. Nachman and Hardy are best known for producing 'Batkid Begins,' the acclaimed film about little Miles Scott, a cancer survivor, who's wish came true to be Bat-man and save the city from evil-doers.

Studio: IFC Films/Sundance Selects
Director: Dana Nachman and Don Hardy Jr.
Starring: Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, and Phil

About The Movie:
Meet Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, and Phil—five spirited puppies who, from the moment they’re born, begin an incredible journey to become guide dogs for the blind. It’s a rigorous two-year process that will take the pups from the care of selfless foster volunteers to specialized trainers to, if they make the cut, a lifelong human companion. At every step of the way, the puppies will be tested, challenged, and evaluated. Only the best of the best will be chosen for the job of guide dog—who has what it takes? Introducing viewers to an unforgettable cast of canine personalities and the dedicated individuals who work with them, Pick of the Litter is an uplifting, bighearted celebration of the unique bond between humans and dogs. (IFC FILMS)


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